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Overripe Cauliflower?

9 years ago

This is my first year growing cauli and I read that if they go too long they over-mature. Well, I think mine did just that. The florets are seprated. Is there any recipe that makes use of these or are they un-useable? It still seems a shame to waste them...

Comments (2)

  • farmerdill
    9 years ago

    If they have not turned brown, you can use them. Probably best in cooked dishes like soups, casseroles, baked dishes. They tend to get a bit tough and strong tasting for using raw with dip.

  • swtbttrfly23
    Original Author
    9 years ago

    Nope, not brown! I was thinking of pickling some of them (making a giardinaire) and then puree some into a nice soup. Thanks for your help!

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