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Something is eating my summer squash blossoms (picture)

July 21, 2011

Something is eating my squash blossoms and I've spent hours scouring internet forums and gardening books, etc. I even consulted my parents who run a rather large CSA Farm..

At first I thought it was Squash Bugs.. Then I saw a cucumber beetle! But after hours and searching plants during the day, night, afternoon, morning, etc.. I wasn't able to find any other bugs!

Then today I get home from work and discover 3 new blossoms that were eaten. As I walked to the garden I saw some birds fly away. I know birds eat the bugs generally and not the plant BUT judging by the picture it looks like the blossoms are sheared away at parts by a beak or something OTHER than a bug. Also the damage to me doesn't look like cucumber beetle or squash bug? It also doesn't look like a squirrel.

The things I were thinking was 1. rats or mice? 2. birds 3. maybe bugs?

The squash are running up a trellis attached to my privacy fence. I have 1 zuccini that sits at ground level (not trellised) and 4 patty pan squash that are all trellised.

Hoping someone sees this picture and might have an idea or a clue...


Comments (4)

  • digdirt2

    What kind of possible culprits have you seen around? Could be anything from grasshoppers to rabbits to slugs to birds. Without knowing where you are located or even what zone you are in it is difficult to guess what possible pests you might have.


  • city_garden81

    Oh, yeah sorry.. The culprits are the ones that I listed above. I saw 1 cucumber beetle and squised it, but could not find any more. I've seen the birds in there a bit and judging by the picture I shared, it shows more of a laceration than bug chew damage (I think at least).

    As for zone, I am in South Eastern Michigan.

  • ltilton

    I caught a robin in the act of eating one of my zucchini. I'd consider them a prime suspect.

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