What's the best green bean you've grown?

13 years ago

What green beans have you found to be the most productive and the best eating?

My beans have just begun producing, and this year I planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans and Smeraldo Roma pole beans.

The Smeraldos are 10 days earlier than the Kentucky Wonders, so they're the ones I've harvested so far, and I must say that they're absolutely delicious and productive beyond my wildest dreams! They make very wide long pods that are melt-in-your-mouth tender when cooked for 20 minutes, with not a single string anywhere. A large gathered handful serves two people generously. If you like the very beany taste of Roma beans, I can't encourage you enough to try them next year. I'll certainly grow them again for their productivity, texture, and taste.

I have Fortex pole beans on my list for next year, probably to replace the other standard pole beans but would like some other suggestions. What's done well for you?

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