I think my Ficus is dying!!

11 years ago

Ok I have a 3 foot Ficus Benjamin. I've had it about 4 years. Its always been very healthy except for when I moved to a new apartment 3 years ago. I use an Aqua globe and use plant light since its winter time. I fertilize about once a month. Now about 3 months ago I got a ficus from the local home depot bc they were throwing them out. This is when my "baby" started its changes. It started dropping leaves fast!! Then the ones that were left started turning yellow. I had a relative come over and said the bare limbs were dead and I needed to cut them back so I did. Now my baby only has like 10 (wilted) leaves left on the whole thing. Im beginning to worry it will not make it. So, two questions am I suppose to cut off the dead new growth :( and what can I do to prevent it from total death?

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