Where to buy hardy pomegranates?

12 years ago

Researching pomegranate varieties, I came across several very useful threads here. It seems Salavatsky and Kazake are the most likely to survive in 6a. Unfortunately, I've been completely unable to find any internet sources selling either of these varieties.

Can anyone help? From what I've read, Kazake would be preferred, but I'd try either. I'd prefer potted to bareroot to be able to plant this spring.

Also, does anyone know about these I found on Ebay?

I want them to grow fruit, so whatever I wind up with needs to be ripe by Sept or early Oct. I'll plant the tree on a southfacing wall with a fence to the east for some wind protection and figure I'll have to protect it on really cold nights.

Also, when I read that these varieties can survive below 10F, does that mean the top growth will survive? Or just the roots?

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