What is causing Gardenia buds to turn brown?

13 years ago

What would cause the buds on my Gardenia to turn brown before they even open. The brown starts at the base of the bud, and even turns the outside petals brown too. Some open prematurly almost a yellowish color and not white. I even pulled a bulb off, and it was mushy right at the base, like rot. I have only had the plant from the greenhouse for three weeks and it was fine when I bought it. Even the ones they have left at the greenhouse look great. The room I put it in is very humid, lots of moving air all day and night. I water only when dry, and it is in a south facing widow. Temp gets to 75-80 by day, and 60's by night, kind of cool.

Maybe could be shock? Less lite than the greenhouse? Maybe from spraying the tree with water daily, I might be causing bud rot? Not sure. Can any one tell me what they think might be causing this to happen before I loose all my buds?

Thnaks alot for your help..Happy Monday to you all..:-)

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