Whats with my onions, Looking for all the onion tips I can get

12 years ago

Hi, I have a photo of my onions below as pitiful as they are. I really don't get what I did wrong. I planted seedlings from the garden center in April, They were evenly watered, good amount of fertilizer, good soil, full sun and I keeped them weeded.

The middle ones are cooking onions so they are probaly about the right size but the ones to the side are red onions and some kind of onion that was supposed to get to the size of a soft ball.

Will they keep growing since they fell over? What can I do next year so they do better? Any advice is welcome!

Also just incase anyone is interested, the white tunnel has my fall broccoli crop in it. The farthest little seedlings are radishes, the bare spot besides the radishes will have fall beets sown once the radishes get going. The tall weedy thing is carrots that bolted, going to try and save the seed. Beside the onions is celery that I am blanching with 1 gallon pots.


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