I've got the Dying Syngonium Blues.

13 years ago

I had a nice, beautiful Syngonium (arrowhead plant) a couple months ago. Long, strong vines, big leaves, one of the few plants that did anything at all over the winter. Which made me happy, so I took some cuttings of it, rooted them in water, and eventually planted them in soil.

Then I decided that the parent plant needed to be a climber, rather than a trailer. So I pulled it from the pot, shook off a lot of dirt, and attached the four or five separate vines to a climbing pole. And since that time, it's been dropping leaves like crazy.

The old soil was thick, heavy stuff that turned bricklike when it dried out. The new soil is Miracle Grow with a substantial amount of perlite in it, and it seems to dry out pretty quickly. But every time I water, a bunch of leaves drop. Sometimes there are also mushrooms. So probably I'm overwatering, but -- it's got drier soil, in a pot of the same material and same size, so I don't see how that's possible.

The cuttings aren't doing so well either. They're growing, and don't drop leaves nearly as often, but the new growth comes in very small and pale, and sometimes a new leaf will form and then go brown and drop before it uncurls. It has, so far, done this irrespective of the kind of light it's getting.

At this point, the cuttings are probably going to make it, I think, but the parent plant has had one (or maybe two) vines die completely, and the ones that are left are two-foot-long vines with like, three leaves on them.

I also have a small variegated one, also a viner, that is doing okay, but it only seems to be able to handle three leaves at a time -- once a fourth starts to grow, the lowest old one develops hundreds of small brownish spots, goes limp, and dies. Which is, let's say, not ideal.

I thought these were supposed to be easy. (They *were* easy, until I tried repotting.) So,

1) Could somebody please tell me what I'm supposed to be doing to make them happy? Specifically, when should I be watering? 'Cause I clearly don't get *that*.

2) Is it possible to plant sections of the leafless vines (like, say, one or two nodes' worth) if the vine is still, technically, alive, and have it sprout new leaves? Or is it game over once the leaves are gone?

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