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Start Planning...Christmas in July...

13 years ago

Hi Everyone! Okay...maybe I've been cooped up too long in the snow-covered woods in the Pacific Northwest! (We still have the motherlode of snow here!) I came up with an idea! (My wife Carol would say that it's SCARY when I come up with ideas! LOL) On April 30th, I'm posting a post for anyone who wants to participate in "Christmas in July". It's the Secret Santa Exchange but in July! (People must receive their gifts by July 25th!)

Wouldn't that be great... to receive a gift you could actually use in your gardens at that time?! thinking about the perfect summer gift to send to a Secret Santa person over the summer...and I will post the rules and deadline on April 30th! If you haven't done the Secret Santa Exchange in the past, do a search on the forum to see the rules and what we've done.

Can you tell I'm ANXIOUS for spring and summer!!!?

Be thinking! I hope people will like this idea!!!

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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