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RE: 2008 Secret Santa Gift: Here IT IS

13 years ago

I know Kirk started a post for show and tell, but thot a fresh one would be ok. Anyway I won't be around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so I wanted to open and post mine before I go to my sons.

So the unveiling is that my SS is Miss Leveta. I was so very excited to open my pkg because there are so many talented people. Who knows what is in store for us. Well I didn't get a pic of wrapping cause it was riddled before I could get the camera. I think the old man and woman did it. When I first open the box and uncovered the top I could hardly contain myself. I saw the red topper(my fav color) and said God bless you Leveta. Then came the sweetest little globe. So dainty. And there was a little ladybug perched right there for all to see. Finally I got the rest hauled out of the carefully wrapped box and here are the sparkles and gems and another ladybug to grace my beautiful totem.

Oh thank you Leveta. I so love my totem. I read back over the posts and no it will not be outside. As you can see it fits very nicely in my red kitchen. I couln't have been more pleased. Here it is.{{gwi:128843}}


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