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Fiddle Leaf Fig Emergency (Ficus Lyrata)

8 years ago

Ok, so I know everyone seems to have one of these emergencies, so please forgive me for the dramatic subject. As a favor to a friend who doesn't have a great green thumb I'm posting to get opinions on a plan of action to save his big ficus.

He's had the tree in question for 9 months, and it was doing well until we realized the place from where he bought it planted it with no drainage, etc, and it was sitting in water. We realized it because it started to droop and get brown tips, and from my education on the forum I diagnosed it, and when we investigated it was literally sitting in this make shift container they created within the planting medium was swimming in water. We took it out of the water, didn't replant but wanted it to have a chance to dry out. That was about 6wks ago.

Fast forward to today, and the tree looks better. It dropped a bunch leaves but it's definitely perking up, and now growing some new buds along the trunk, and even a few higher in the branches. Nevertheless, the branches are fairly bare now, but they have good leaves. I'm attaching some pictures to get some advice as to what should be our plan of action. Should we snip off the new growth low on the trunk, prune it back and root out cuttings, cut into it to try to force some back budding on the existing branches? When should we try to repot it. I know the recommended potting mix well from reading on the site. Also, is terra cotta a good pot for the fig?

I'll keep it there for now, I'm looking forward to all of the great advice from you peeps!

As always any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

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