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Belly Dancer's Bowling Ball

February 20, 2009

I used the coins off of a belly dancer's metal under garments and excessories. (Dont ask) OK, OK, estate sale 10 years ago. Hubs cried when I removed the coins this week. But I swear I never wore it. LOL I'm allergic to anything but 14 K and sterling silver (Or that's what Hubs thinks.) No really I am!!!!

Up close.


In full sun.


Compared to my penny ball.


Comments (34)

  • tennesseetrash

    Love them both!!! And you have found the perfect stand too! ~tenderlee

  • Marlene Kindred

    Wow Susie! Those are too cool! And I LOVE the stands for them...perfect!

  • use2bcapecodr

    Susie, you are such a hoot!!

    Those are great!! I love the way you overlapped the coins. How many did you have to use to fill the BB?

    Personally, because of the color of the coins in the belly dancer, I prefer it in a black stand...but that's me. It looks great either way!


  • nmgirl

    Oooo it's shiny! Good use of materials, I like the overlap look too.

  • katishooked

    love these

  • leveta

    It great...Ah never wore it....AHUH...

  • concretenprimroses

    They are both beautiful. What great stands too.

  • sunnyca_gw

    I was told it takes about $5 in pennies so more for dimes & even more for overlay!! I love the dimes in the black stand, it shows more of the ball & the patina variations. Those twin stands look like they are iron!! Beautiful!! Jan

  • susiewantsroses

    capecodr/Sandy- I do not have the exact number of coins all I know is it took: 1 coin bra, 2 coin belly chains, 2 coin ankle bracelets, 2 coin arm bracelets, 2 coin forehead chains. I gave the other coin bra as a gift at a white elephant Christmas party. I kept the finger cymbols for "silly night". Susie

  • jeannespines

    ANOTHER ORIGINAL ART PIECE! That is awesome, susieroses! And I love the cast iron holders...perfect fit! But I also love the black iron one! Great work! Jeanne S.

  • Purplemoon

    That is really, really pretty. Tho still laughing at your "disclaimer" about not wearing the outfit. uh-huh.
    I like this ball best in the black stand, shows it off so beautifully.
    The two big stands are wonderful pieces tho.


  • kirkus

    Okay, wait until I tell Carol I want to find belly dancer garments! She will flip! LOL (I'm so shy and modest that I don't think I could even purchase them at a thrift store! I would make Carol buy them! LOL) I am in awe of your creativity! I love the sparkle and the overlapping! You are just so dog-gone creative! Boy, you have completed soooo many great projects lately! YOU INSPIRE ALL OF US! Bear Hugs! Kirk

  • cait1

    Susie, you do realize no one believes that you've never tried on the outfit. ROFLMHO!!! Did you get funny looks when you bought it? I'm like Kirk, I'd be too shy to buy those things myself... but seeing the BB maybe if I had an cool idea like that I'd put up with the little smiles from the cashier. HA! You are a HOOT!!!! So exactly what do you do with the finger cymbols??? LOL

    I think they're fantastic and love the holders. Gosh, you are a busy crafting woman!!


    Those are outstanding! I LOVE them...and the stands are perfect. I, too, do not believe your story about not trying them on. I would have HAD to try them on. I love to make noise when I walk. I'da prob. kept the ankle bracelet just for that fact. Come on....did the bra fit? I bet u had it on n shakin it. Come on....confess!

  • susiewantsroses

    This is the 'honest to the sweet Lord's truth'. Hubs and I were at an estate sale 10 yrs ago. We saw these 'coin items'. He thought "wow", I thought "craft projects". The owner of the house must have been a professional, 'who knows what'. Anyhoo, I didn't even have to ask Hubs if we could buy them.

    The first project I made was Christmas tussie musies. I used ice cream sugar cones glittered solid red. They had the appearance of being filled with coins. I'll show a pic next Christmas.

    The holders that I have the BB's in are indeed iron. I bought them several years ago for ferns on the porch. I found a good source of bowling balls- My son bought me 3 as a gift.LOL (He paid around $3.00 each at a resale.)

    It took me around $10 + of pennies to do the penny ball in the overlapping design. I am not confident in painting the balls a base coat yet. That is why I do the over lapped look.

    OK OK I'll admit trying the stuff on ONCE. But I didn't inhale. LOLOLO And ladies the bra was COLD!!!! Enough said. Susiegetstogiggle

  • susiewantsroses

    capecodr- Those look just like my abs! NOT!!! LOLOLOLOLOL


    I KNEW it! lol

  • daisydal

    Ok, I'm still thinkin bout the cymbals n silly night....no, I'm not ....yes, I am, well, not really, ok, I'm lying I'm still thinkin bout it..
    ANY-WAY,..BACK TO THE BB's....
    They are gorgeous! Hand the man a Kleenex and tell him to get over it or he can take you to Victoria's Secret!!LOL!!
    What a busy little crafter you are, you are incredible, girl!!
    I love both of those and the overlapping technique is icing on the cake, really brings some depth to it, I love it!
    Those iron stands are THE BOMB!!!! How elegant are those, love them!

    OK, back to silly night and the cymbals.....

  • susiewantsroses

    THANKS YA'LL!!! Ching Ching Ching Ching-ga-ching Susie

  • akup_a

    Now this is one "before" (Susierose in the coins)and "after" pictures I would love to see!!! Great job!

  • susiesunshine

    Howdy do..... little Texas Buddy ~ ~ ~ ~

    Now... You know that Texan's don't do the belly dance...only in the saddle !

    Really ~~~ Like the shinny Belly Ball ! ! ! tee hee
    You did a B E A U T I F U L ... Job ! Thanks for
    sharing the pics !!! & ideas ! and laughs !!!
    * * * That was sure nice of DH to help with the
    coins... but I would check his pockets... to make sure
    he didn't keep some for the parking meters ! ho ho !
    God Bless Your little Hearts!

  • plantbug

    Beautiful, beautiful! Now, if I could find my coins. plantbug

  • jeviolet

    I am a belly dancer.....for fun and exercise! And its fun to dress up and you don't have to have a hubby that likes to dance. You can dance by yourself or with a group of girl friends. Anyway you can find coins all over ebay and even at craft shops or fabric stores.
    I love garden junk but dancing for fun as a hobby I would have loved to seen your fantastic finds! lol
    Love this garden junk site and can't wait until Iowa unthaws and warms up so I can work in my flower beds and hit all the garage sales around here!!! Enjoy your shimmy ball!!!!

  • susiewantsroses

    ouuuu Ms jeviolet - "Shake it but dont break it"!!!!!!! However I broke mine. LOLOLOLOLOL My belly dancing would look about like someone doing the "Robot" now. I would never wear a bra made of metal and coins in front of my girlfriends. Ha Ha Ha I'm talking COLD METAL, O K. COLD! It would give them way too much to talk about. Blush, snicker, wheeze.

    Seriously, I can see it as a good exercise for the rhythmatically gifted. But not wearing chain metal girl. I better stick to my fleese joggin' suit and bunny slippers. But you 'go for it if ya gottem'. LOL


  • desertrat1

    Susie! I just laughed and laughed---belly dancing ART! Your BB's look absolutely fabulous! Now, so did you paint any of the belly coins? Are they going to patina like the pennies? I knew it too as I read through the posts that you just HAD to try it on! EVEN as cold as it was! :-) I bet it's almost like wearing chain male but the purpose of it's wear is QUITE different! Ahumm.......YEah, I'd keep the finger dingers too!
    Love, Jules

  • susiewantsroses

    Jules, I will have to poly it because their patina will be pure rust. I did not do any painting. I had gold and silver 'shaker makers' to start with. Ding!!!! Susie

  • craftylady-2006

    Wow, that looks awesome. You did a wonderful job on that piece.


  • donnainnc_2008

    oh I love them great job

  • garianntx

    It really sparkles in the sun!

  • use2bcapecodr

    They look so neat! What did you use to stick the coins on the BB? I can't imagine GE Silicone II not sticking out from under the coins and making a mess.


  • susiewantsroses

    Sandy, GE Silicone indeed! I am going to poly also because if they rust they will look like the penny ball. susie

  • use2bcapecodr

    Thanks, Susie! My daughter was here yesterday. I showed her how you overlapped the coins. We both love the look and will be doing some! They have so much more depth to them!


  • susiewantsroses

    I'm just too lazy to paint the Bowling Ball first. LOL Susie

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