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tropical plant in a cats' home?

16 years ago


I'm new here so forgive me if I'm missing a few things. (Plus it's quite early in the morning and I'm not quite awake :-)

I bought a gorgeous large Schefflera yesterday and then at 4:30 AM realized/remembered that it is poisonous to cats. To verify this, I checked some posts from this forum, including a very helpful one by Violet_Z6, so I put the plant away right off before I return it to the store later today. My cats did come up to it as soon as we brought it in, but I warned them with a stern voice to stay away from it ;-) Luckily, neither Kernel nor Spooky seemed to have chewed on it, so all's well by now.

However ... I still would very much like to have a nice, large tropical plant in this place in the living room, of course something that would be harmless to our kitties.

I would very much appreciate any and all suggestions!


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