House plants that can handle a hot, south-facing garden window?

8 years ago

Hi there!

Disclaimer: I'm VERY new to caring for house plants, and I'm still not all that good at it, so forgive me if I sound ignorant!

I have a south-facing garden window in my kitchen that gets a lot of direct sunlight and also gets VERY hot during the summer. I've had some plants do wonderfully there over the winter, but during the summer, barely anything can survive.

I already have some crassula capitella 'campfire,' alworthia 'black gem,' jades, and portulacaria afra 'variegata' in there, and they do OK (though not great, because I never know when to water the darn things -- succulents in hot sun?! what's the trick?! I know they like to be dry, but HOW dry?!). But I'd love to throw something a little taller and leafier into the mix for variety. I'm not much of a cactus fan.

Are there any house plants that can handle direct sunlight and heat year-round? Maybe sansevieria?

(Note: The photo is from winter time on a cloudy day, as you can probably tell. Just wanted to give an idea of size/spacing/etc.)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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