avocado grafting--what time of year?

July 9, 2007

Hello, simple question about grafting avocados--what time of year should I be doing it in southern California? I want to graft some seedling rootstocks with Coastal Bacon variety. Yes, I know they'll take forever to fruit and produce a tall tree, but that's all I've got available right now. For those of you who are avocado afficionados, if you've never tasted a Coastal Bacon they are truely amazing--a thousand calories per fruit, but oh heavens they're good--so "buttery". Anyway, I'm pretty sure they flower around November or December around here (coastal San Diego county), and I THINK that the bark slips just before flowering--is that correct? If anybody knows for sure, please tell! I should probably also ask whether grafting or budding is preferred for avocados. Thanks!

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