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Planting GJ planters & more

May 13, 2011

A cool, misty day but good planting weather here in Ia! So here's the old milk bottle crate that is on the stump out front under the bird arbor. I planted pansies in it & the barbed wire balls were purchases at a craft show last yr...I'm not good at handling "barbed wire!" LOL!


And I decided to do an herb garden on the patio, close to the house...so I used an old enamel pan that I had previously tried growing a miniature garden it. Here's a view of the plants...2 Sages, Sweet Basil & Lemon Balm:


Here's a close-up of the silverware plant marker (it's been used outdoors a couple yrs now) ... & I circled the plants w/old metal seed plates...the iron sun is a HLobby clearance item:


I wanted it up off the ground...so used an old rusted out metal bucket for a "plant stand" of sorts ...& added the iron bunny (HLobby find last yr).


And here's the whole area there...patio corner/porch garden...ornamental pepper planted there & will have some ornamental cabbage plants when I plant shop again:


Hoping the Herbs will look much healthier in a week or two! Good ol' GJ planters! Gotta love 'em! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

Comments (12)

  • marylee_2010

    Jeanne, you have certainly been busy and taking advantage of good weather. I like your plants and planters. Very creative use of containers. I also like the extras you have added.

  • laurastheme

    Great job. I haven't even planted any planters yet. It's been so constantly cold and rainy here that I can't get in the mood for planting.

  • Purplemoon

    Sooooo many wonderful things to look at, vignettes to enjoy,
    everywhere there's eye candy to delight.
    ADOPT ME, Please. LOL

    hugs, Karen

  • luna_llena_feliz

    As always, your ideas and pictures are winners! I like your plant markers more every time I see them! Love the barbed wire balls too! I can't imagine trying to make them myself.

  • sunnyca_gw

    Thought those were wooden 'balls" barbed wire, wow! Guess you have to warn people not to stick their hands in the flowers in that box!(might teach them to stay out of your flowers!!) Love the iron bunny & hadn't noticed that plant marker before- love it! Hope to replant some of my plants in fresh soil & get markers I made in them. I used red beads,pink beads, white & salmon for the different colors so I can tell them apart. Epithelium I think is what they are called. Hope you get lots of herbs. Jan

  • granny2anb

    That looks great. I have several old enamelware pans and now I know what to use them for. I even have some old rusty buckets I can use to raise them off the ground. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • jeannespines

    Thanks, GJers, appreciate your comments!

    The barbed wire balls are quite unique, I think...the craft show woman makes all kinds of things..>I am in awe of the strength she must have in her hands & getting poked alot by "barbs!" Ugh! I have a star, too, on my garden shed.

    Hardest thing to do is punch holes in a perfectly good enamel pan! My DH always gives me a "look" & asks if I am sure I want to do this! LOL! So, your rusted out ones are great to use, grannytoo! That bucket I'm using hardly has a bottom in it...so rusted!

    Here's a pic of the miniature garden I tried in '09...liked it alot but the perennial plants didn't survive thru the winter:


    A closeup view...got this idea from GJers here on the forum:


    Have a good junkin' day! It's 40 here this morn...too cold for middle of May! Jeanne S.

  • nanatricia

    Girl you are just full of ideas and I love them all .

  • jwahlton

    Love it. How did you make the silverware signs? I picked up a HUGE bag of silveware and don't know what to do with them yet.

    I wish I could find the stuff like ya'll find.

  • excessfroufrou

    Your garden junk planters look wonderful. You got a lot done, it was cool here also, but I spent most of the day in the yard. I love the enamel pots especially. I have that yellow tea kettle and I bought a red one like it with a little cookie jar thing to match. Also I have a large bright blue spatterware pan, and I still haven't been able to punch a hole in it yet, even though I know my friend only paid a $1.00 for it.

  • quidam2

    Wow!! I just LOVE your stuff!! I can't even pick out a couple of things I love the best because I love it all. The barbed wire balls got my imagination going. It is probably a good thing that I don't have any barbed wire at this time because I would try it. lol I do have plain ol' wire though......hmmmm. Thanks so much for sharing!---Sheri

  • concretenprimroses

    Wonderful! Just makes me itch to plant.

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