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Why Diospyros lotus not more widely grown? Anyone have it?

7 years ago

I know that this species is commonly used as a rootstock for persimmons, especially Asian varieties, but I rarely hear of folks growing D. lotus, the Date-plum, for itself.

The Plants for a Future Database, for which I have a great deal of respect, gives the Date-plum the highest edibility rating (5), while D. kaki, the Asian persimmon gets a 4. The description of the fruit for D. lotus sounds much like that for D. virginiana, the American persimmon, which also gets a rating of 5 for edibility in the database.

So the merits of D. lotus seem to be many (cold-hardiness, vigorous and disease resistant enough to be an important rootstock, and apparently having delicious fruit), and outranks Asian persimmon in many categories. So what's the story? Is there some drawback to this species I don't know about, or is it just not popular by convention? Or is this all about size? (talk about an American obsession!)

I find it strange that several unusual fruits such as Jujube, Persimmons, and Pawpaw would constantly show up in posts on this forum, but not a thing about the Date-plum!

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