Sketchy areas in my St Augustine (pics included)

asudevil311 - zone 9b
April 21, 2012

Hello, provided below are 2 sections of my St Augustine. The first group of photos show the center of my lawn and a circular patch that is green, but seems to have trouble growing. Not sure if its a fungus, or if maybe temperatures in Phoenix haven't been right for it to come out of hibernation. Only reason that I don't think it is hibernation is that most of my lawn has already started coming back (note the closeup of the area doing well as well as the above-looking shots that show areas around the "circle"). The second set of photos are in a different region of my lawn and have a more odd-looking shape than circular.

Above-looking pictures and closeups are provided of both sections in hopes that someone can help.

Here is the first area that has the "circular" shape to it:


Close up of this circular area:


Grass in good condition around and outside of the circular area:


This second area is elsewhere in my lawn and again, not sure what to think.


Closeups of this second area:


If these are two separate problems let me know as again, these area two different areas. I hope the pictures help, and if you feel I should post some more let me know and I will be sure to provide more.

Thanks for any and all help/replies. I figured I would post on here before I go gun-ho and buy a bunch of ill-advised lawn care materials. Thanks!

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