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Garden Totem Fever

August 1, 2010

I've new to the Garden Web and have become addicted to garden totems after reading all the great postings. I had to try my hand at it this week and here is a photo of three I created. I'm already planning what to make this week. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful:

Comments (15)

  • mary2010

    Being new to this, I just realized my photos were not posting correctly. I will attempt to post them again. I apologize for the confusion. So glad there is posting help on this forum!!!


  • rock_oak_deer

    Those are awesome, I love the mix of colors. You're off to a great start. Glad you showed those, I'm trying to collect stuff for a totem but glass isn't working for me. The china/teapot ones are so nice.

    Did you mean to post only two? I tried the link, but it didn't open for me. Would love to see the third one.

  • rock_oak_deer

    Well never mind about the third picture missing. When I opened your post I only saw two, then after I posted the third one turned up.

    Looks great too!

  • sprout_wi

    How absolutely gorgeous. I love everything. Your photos are stunning and you totems are beautiful. Love the combinations - Enchanting!!

  • jeannespines

    Mary...these are really cute! I love the pottery ones! they look great in your gardens! (with the brick/flowers/mulch) TFS! Jeanne S.
    And, WELCOME!

  • nanatricia

    Those are great I like the teapots also but bring in in the winter .They do not do well.

  • granny2anb

    Welcome to Garden Junk. You might be new to garden junk but I'd say you're off to a great start. Those are gorgeous. I can't wait to see your other creations.

  • shysue

    Those look beautiful! You're on your way to being a true garden junker. ;^)

  • seamommy

    Those are absolutely delightful, Mary! Welcome to the GW and to GJ. This forum is one big party and I can see right away that you already fit right in. Cheryl

  • mmebrady

    I love your teapots! I haven't been able to find any of the larger ceramic ones. Yours are beautiful!!

  • oldcrafty

    Beautiful totems. Love the color combinations. Keep up the good work and keep the pics coming.

  • mary2010

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and kind words of encouragement. It sounds like I've joined an amazing group of crafters. It's funny because I've never considered myself to be a crafty person. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful creations. Can't wait to finish the next group so I can share pics. Happy "junkin" to everyone!

  • excessfroufrou

    Well you really jumped in with both feet. Those are great! I love all the ceramic pieces you used, they are so colorful. I mostly do glass totem, but I'm saving for some pottery/ceramic ones. I'm glad you've joined the forum and thanks for sharing your delightful creations.

  • pondgal

    Those are all great. I don't know which one I like best. Awesome job. :)

  • luna_llena_feliz

    Welcome, mary2010! You are off to an awesome start! I love your teapot totems. The first is my favorite ... I love all those funky colors and designs. But I'd take any of the other two as gifts. lol You have an eye for great pieces and how to put them together. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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