Could a apple taste like a pear? What's my Name w/p

10 years ago

There I said it...

My problem is...I'm not sure what this apple tree is NOW!

When I let the apples age a litte from picking (say one week) and they get a little soft I swear the apple taste like a pear but when picked from the tree and they are crisp they don't.

It is a 10 year old tree I bought 10 of them bear rooted. Some died so I had to move them because of wet soil. I may have mix this one up with what I thought the tree is. I just started to get good apples the last 3 years because of what I learned here about spraying.

I've attach pictures of the tree and the apples if you can tell me what your best guess is. As always...thanks a million for your time.





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