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Reine des Reinettes vs. King of The Pippins

November 13, 2012

Most texts describe these 2 as one of the same, but the more I research them, I think there are some differences, at least aesthetically.

I have some proclaimed Reine des Reinettes from Scott Farm, Vermont, and they're absolutely wonderful, to the point where I'm probably going to select this variety to graft.

In doing some research on the 2 namesakes, I've found there seems to be a russeted variety (Reine des Reinettes) and a smooth fleshed variety in King of The Pippins according to the USDA germplasm repository.

Anyone else see these differences out there first hand, or am I just over analyzing things?

Reine des Reinettes:


King of The Pippins:


Comments (3)

  • Scott F Smith

    Look at all the variability in Red Delicious today with all the sports and you will see how far a variety can evolve by propagation of sports. Also the growing conditions make apples look so different. One of the additional confusions is for a long time those two varieties have been considered the same and so the name put on it may be what the person having it prefers to call it. I was given my Reine des Reinettes by someone French and I think they got it as King of the Pippins (which could have in turn come from a "Reine des Reinettes" person etc etc).

    My RdR look a lot more like Gala than yours, they have pronounced streaks on them. If you do a Google image search you will see many of the RdR are streaked. I don't know if that is due to growing conditions or from being a different sport.

    It would be nice if someone would grow out every version they could find of particular old heirlooms to see what sports are out there. Its a big black box now.


  • windfall_rob

    Scot Farm is nice, they sell a lot of apples you just don't see commercially almost ever. It's a treat to be able to sample them, and I think they generally are careful to pick them at proper ripeness.
    I have "King of Pippens" from cummins, who also believes it to be synonymous with RdR. I have been warned that some folks have gotten mislabeled stock from cummins on some of the more unusual items, so I can't be sure, but the taste and texture seem to be "on target"

    Mine is great, but looks nothing like your second image. A bit like your first, but more orange color. some very minor russeting, Definitely not a shiny apple.

  • megamav

    The first picture is the one from my apple from Scott Farm.
    Its not shiny in any way, which is what got me thinking about the differences out there.

    I'll chalk it up to what Scott said, minor genetic morphs in phenotype.

    Im probably going to get this variety from Maple Valley to graft, so I thought I'd ask the community.

    Thanks guys.


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