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how 2 make my own fish emulsion?

February 20, 2007

This is going to seem a dumb question but I live in a flat and leaving the fish to rot in water would stinck my balcony and my neighbours would complain.

Can I make fish emulsion in any other way? Possibly non smelly?

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  • Dibbit

    I can't think of ANY way to do-it-yourself that wouldn't stink out you or your neighbors. Unless you have a VERY extensive home lab set up, where you can supply oxygen to a closed up system, and can filter the air coming out as you add oxygen in, you would have an anaerobic system, and it would stink, or you would heve rotting fish, and it would stink. If you have a LARGE planter on your balcony, and bury the fish half-way down, you MIGHT avoid the smell - but that's not making fish emulsion. However, there might be a way that someone knows....

  • dchall_san_antonio

    There are two fish products: fish emulsion and fish hydrolysate (high DROL uh sate). The hydrolysate is the one you really want. I believe it is an enzymatic process that changes fish remains into the good stuff. So you may have to drool on the fish to transform it, heh, heh!

  • captaincompostal

    I sometimes add a few ounces of smelly fish products like fish emulsion, fish meal, catfish feed, etc. to my 5-20 gallon aerated compost tea recipes.

    If you have enough rich aerobic mature compost, and a few ounces of molasses products, and plenty of constant aeration in your brewing container, you can aerate fishy compost tea with no problems. The right aerobic microbes can overpower the stinky anaerobic microbes in the aerated liquid.

    I do it a lot, and my finished brew smells like a pleasant, yeasty wine.

    Happy Gardening!

  • captaincompostal


    Canned fish products like sardines and herring also work in these style aerated compost tea recipes...

    Works for me!

  • oldmainer

    Hi greenhrs...why don't you be kind to yourself...and your neigbors...and purchase some liquid fish fertilizer...and follow the directions for it's use. Better still buy the combo...fish fertilizer and seaweed mix...even better stuff.

  • galcho

    Is it possible to do (outside, far from my and neighbour houses) fish fertilizer from canned tuna?
    I have found several cans that expired and wondering how i can use them in garden.

  • galcho

    captaincomposter, i don't need any more info that i asked for in prev posting since i have found your article. thanks

  • veggiecanner

    Take my word for it this is something better left for the experts. Unless you need large amounts of maggots for fishing don't do this!

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Your question reminded me of this old post, which I've always thought was soooo funny!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Click here!

  • strmrnnr

    You could try using activated charcoal filters on the exhaust port of your bucket or pail. It should clean out most of the smell.

    This carbon can then be added to the soil when you are done making your emulsion.

    Another option is to leave it sealed and just open it to stir it twice or so a day then reseal it.

  • PRO

    Rolling my eyes at the inherent trouble you'll create during this do-it-yourself endeavor. I don't think you can just "leave it sealed", either. The gaseous pressure would quickly blow the lid off, possibly leaving the surrounded area nicely glazed with rotting and fermenting fish guts.

    The post Dori linked to a couple of posts above was one of the funniest threads I ever read @ GW, but this one has potential ..... if we could just get the OP to post the results of his industriousness. ;o)


  • butchfomby


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