The Use of Vinegar on Weeds Other Than on Dandelions

15 years ago

First thanks to those who responded to my "Overcoming the Dreaded Cucumber Beetle" post.

quitglo (Gloria) mentioned on the "To Late for Corn Gluten" thread that vinegar was a good use to kill off dandelions by writing, "Try zapping the current plants with vinegar on sunny days." My question to Gloria or others is; will vinegar work on other broad-weeds or weeds in general without killing off surrounding grass too?

In the pastI used Clorox for years to kill off dandelions with a quick burst in solid stream form by spraying to the center of the weed, without misting, in order not kill off the surrounding grass growth.

It worked fine. But to make sense of my question I no longer kill off dandelion. The reason? I found (I think) somewhere on this Organic Forum, that one of the best fertilizers that can be found is seaweed. What does seaweed have in common with not killing dandelions?

Well, it makes for good reasoning to me because I recall an older next-door neighbor where I use to live, who happened to be from Ireland, telling me how when he was a young man would go to the ocean-side and dive for Kelp to use on their farm for fertilizer. So reading about seaweed made really good sense.

Then one day I happened to be in a Garden Department and saw a small bottle of "liquid seaweed concentrate". It sold for as best as I can recall 8 or 9 dollars for I think a 7oz. bottle. Then to top that off while I was browsing one day last year to find good forms of fertilizer for the lawn I came across this:

It said, "The next best thing to seaweed for content of minerals was the DANDELION." There apparently is a large amount of iron absorbed by the deep root growth of the dandelion. So now I enjoy pulling dandelions for the compost pile and putting all of that energy back to the ground.

As it is, dandelion seems to be the first weed to mature in the spring. I have plenty of time to dig up without interfering with other yard-work. Unfortunately other broad leaf weeds follow that can't be kept up with so readily. So my question stands. Can vinegar be used in SPRAY form to kill weeds and not the surrounding grass.

Thanks in advance


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