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Composting non-organic veggie scraps for organic garden

12 years ago

Hi, I'm new to the forum and haven't found this question in searching the discussions. My son and I have been arguing whether or not we should add non-organic vegetable & fruit scraps to our compost pile if we are trying to garden organically. (We will not compost animal scraps however -- we don't want critters.) My standards are more relaxed than my son's; I think eventually we'll do this but we'll have to work towards this goal gradually. My son is stricter than me and argues that we should start right from the start. Can anyone share their thoughts on this topic? What is the 'danger' in composting non-organic vegetable waste, coffee grounds, etc, in your opinion? Are there some things you DO NOT compost? I realize there may not be a definite answer, yes or no, but I'm interested to know how others view this topic.

Thanks in advance for your insights -- Linda

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