My next 20 or so favorite roses

10 years ago

I'm on a roll. These are in no particular order. I apologize to those who are offended by modern roses. I don't care whether it's old or new, just so it's clean, healthy, vigorous and floriferous.

Charles de Mills

Plaisanterie. I must learn how to prune it this coming winter.

Francis E. Lester. Wowsers.

"Old Town Novato," found HP.

Outta the Blue, a garden workhorse here, but subject to blackspot in wet weather.

Thalia, sporting a pink cane. It's a rough shot, taken into the sun.

Darlow's Enigma screening the propane tank

The Faun/Bossa Nova, one of the finest small shrub roses I know.

Sophia Renaissance

William Allen Richardson. This one doesn't even get fertilizer.

"Bermuda Anna Oliver" which finishes as badly as any rose I know but it flowers all the time.

Sweet Chariot

Tapis Volant

Too Cute, another great polyantha.

Guadalupe Volunteer, shot with a big drop of water on the lens. Don't try this at home. It's a terrible idea.

White Maman Cochet. I adore my Teas, which I've neglected. They deserve better.

Distant Drums

Golden Century, finally coming into its own after 4 years of growing.

And, just for laughs, a volunteer seedling proving the hybrid multifloras love it here and will grow without irrigation.

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