Free mosquito fish (Gambusia) in FL?

12 years ago

Does any one know if you can get free mosquito fish(Gambusia) in Florida? Pinellas County? I was going to call Mosquito Control today, but forgot. I've Googled it, no luck. I've gone to the Pinellas County Mosquito Control site, and the only thing close to what I want to see is: "Use fish in your pond to control mosquitos". I've seen them for sale on the internet for $1.29 each. Does any one know about free mosquito fish in Pinellas County, or am I out of luck? I have been a member of this site for so many years and have tried all the kinds of fish recommended, with no luck. Also frogs. I hate the expense of Mosquito Dunks, and the poison of other stuff that kills the frogs. Any advise or help? I dread another summer of being eaten alive while gardening, and not being able to sit out and enjoy my labor, and the patio, as well as entertaining at night. And I love the sound and splashes the frogs make. thanks for any help.

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