astrid grafin von hardenberg rose??

dregae (IN, zone 6b)
January 1, 2013

I think the alternate subject of this posting is "I should be banned from helpmefind.com!!!! But since that wont be happening does anyone have any information on the rose. It looks delicious!!

Is it available anywhere?? If not anyone know a good substitute with the color/shape combo that is available?

Grace e

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    I have wanted Astrid for some time, and as far as I could find out, she is not being sold anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, including Hortico. Astrid's blooms closely resemble another Tantau rose, Ascot, of which I have two, and really love. I believe the growth habit of Astrid is different from Ascot's (Ascot is a grandiflora), but the blooms are very similar. Ascot is available from the Canadian nursery, Palatine Roses. Let us know if you find a seller for Astrid. Diane

  • snowheather

    I got this rose from Hortico in 2009. I don't see it listed now, but you might call them and see if they can find one for you. Mine is a medium size plant now. It doesn't bloom a lot, but when it does, the blooms are lovely.

  • redwolfdoc_z5

    I'm also looking for this plant! It's absolutely beautiful. Snowheather, thank you for that pic!

  • zaphod42

    Angel Gardens has it. I'm on a wait list for it. Not sure of its general availability.

  • Lynn-in-TX- Zone 8b (Central TX)

    Angel Gardens. I do not know if it is in stock, but getting on the wait list could still be possible.


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  • Glenburn

    If I may help, it is a Tantau rose, do you not have an agent over there for them, the reason I say this is that I am in Australia and would love some of thier roses,

  • dregae (IN, zone 6b)

    Thanks for each of your replies. On a whim last year I contacted angel gardens and was able to request a custom root and I am now the proud owner of this lovely rose (and is now buried under a foot of straw to protect her from the storm coming our way). Angel garden was wonderful to work with and has an excellent selection of roses and I am waiting on five more including another tantau rose "duchess of Cornwall".

    Grace e

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Tantau doesn't have an agent in N America, according to the owners of Palatine when I inquired last year. This is why we can't get all their newer beautiful roses, though some have been "poached", as I put it, perhaps because Tantau didn't patent certain roses soon enough. This seems to be what happened with Blue Bayou, a Kordes rose. You can still purchase Ascot and Augusta Luise, but Astrid seems to have disappeared from the general market, just like Blue Bayou. Diane

  • bethnorcal9

    I got ASTRID from Hortico in 2008 also. Mine is planted in a bed that probably needs some amending. It doesn't bloom much. But like Snowheather said, when it does bloom, they're lovely!

  • indratobio63


  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    I noticed that Astrid/Cavier is on the Palatine website. You can see big photos of it in the Tantau catalog under Grafin von Hardenberg. Diane

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