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Whisky Mac sources?

January 24, 2010

Lost our old (and strong performing) bush of this classic variety. I'd love to replace it,but it doesn't seem widely available via mail order.

There's always a chance it might become available locally. But around here,you can't count on that. RU is supposedly sold out for the year,so they are out in this case. Does anyone know of any sources not listed on helpmefind? Thanks in advance!

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  • kstrong

    Sunset Celebration is a much healthier offspring of Whiskey Mac that is quite commonly available, in the same general color range. If you can't find Whiskey Mac (which was not a very good rose here), you might want to give Sunset Celebration a go. I think it would like Arizona, and you'll probably find it in your garden centers now, whereever Weeks roses are sold (which is everywhere -- also try Costco now, they have Weeks roses this year).


    Here is a link that might be useful: Sunset Celebration

  • bewitched

    Thanks for the suggestion,Kathy. I actually grow Sunset Celebration too. I agree,it's a winner.

    Thanks also Bob. I did try RU and they are tapped out on Whisky Macs for the upcoming season. Same story thus far in regards to Vintage Gardens,far as I know.

    I'm hoping someone might know of a smaller nursery that might have Whisky Mac available. It's all over europe,but finding a north american mail order source isn't so easy it seems.

    There is Summerstone Nursery. But they are affiliated with Autumn Ridge Nursery,which is not a good thing.

  • amandahugg

    It's such a weak disease ridden variety. I suspect that's why you'll not find many growers willing to go to the trouble.

  • bewitched

    It's spot (and I) just miss the Whisky my Mom planted I guess. It was a happy rose for over a decade. Good amount of blooms,smelled nice. It was located where it used to get morning sun,but avoid the southwestern heat of the afternoon. Maybe it liked that situation,I don't know.

    No doubt it would still fine if it weren't for some members of our local javelina population having some kind of fight right around it. It was pretty badly dinged and I figured, "Eh,I should be able to get this,locally or elsewhere." I'd still seen it around in years past. But of course,I had no need of it then.

    Lesson learned : Don't remove a damaged but beloved plant until after you obtain the replacement. :)

  • susz52

    Whiskey Mac had a lot of problems but it was pretty and hard to beat the fragrance. Pickering offers 'King's Mac' which supposedly has the fragrance and similar form and colour of Whiskey but better health.

  • york_rose

    (Twenty years ago I grew it in a crappy spot in the Philadelphia area where it was on the east side of the house, right in between a vigorously growing American holly and a vigorously growing bridal veil, and so it got nowhere near full sunlight. Yet it bloomed! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED its colors!!! Sooooooo cool, that interplay of gold, yellow, coppery brown, and peach pink!!! :) )

  • kstrong

    I've never ordered from these people, and they have a TERRIBLE reputation (used to be called autumn ridge nursery), but . . . they do list your rose. I think they've even been banned from HMF.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Whiskey Mac at Summerstone Nursery

  • jaxondel

    Kathy is correct about Summerstone Nursery's reputation. Before you order, do yourself a favor and check them out online at Dave's Garden Watchdog.

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