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Odd growth - what would you do? Pics.

I have two Knockout roses in a tough spot in my garden. Shaded by the house most of the day, until the west sun hits it in the afternoon - blazing hot. So, I threw these there thinking they might work, and if not, no emotional loss on my part.

Last April, I noticed this rose looked a little odd. Sorry for the bad pic. I really didn't give it much attention, and as far as I remember, everything seemed fine after this. I just happened to take a picture, just in case. This picture is from last April:


Then, as I was going around pruning the roses, I found this odd cane. I cut the entire cane off the rose. These next pictures are from yesterday:



It starts out normal (although thick), and flattens out. It's probably 2 or 3 inches wide where it flattens out. The entire cane is probably 3 ft. long.

I don't think I used round up in this area.

At first, I thought - too much fertilizer got to this root, or just not enough room for the cane to grow correctly, not enough light perhaps, and of course we all dread even thinking of RRD, and although it does look strange, I'm not sure it looks like the pictures of RRD I've pulled up on the internet. Could there be another cause for this type of behavior?

Should I be worried? I kinda am. I don't mine pulling this rose up immediately, but hate to have a knee-jerk reaction. On the other hand, I am not emotionally attached to this rose, and I am to my other 70+ roses in another bed just east of this area, so I don't want to "just wait and see" too long.

What would you do?

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