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FYI - Electricity cost to run my pond...

July 23, 2009

I had the opportunity to borrow one of those gadgets that measures the electricity used by an appliance (or whatever you plug into it) over a 24 hour period. I have a small hobby farm, and while I do what I can to be 'green', between people, livestock, house and barn I never really know what sucks the most juice.

I run 3 pumps 24/7, a 1260gph and a 480(or close)gph, and a 60gph pump for the spitter. Plus 1 underwater light on a timer, 4 hours per night. Right now our electricity is $.0121 per kwh. After doing the calculations provided with the Kill-a-watt meter I was actually pleased to find that it cost only $12.94 per month to run my pond from about April 1st to November 1st. Perhaps it would cost even less if I cleaned my pumps more often.

Not that I was about to give up my beloved ponds, but it's nice to know they're cheaper than some of my other vices! Heck, one good John Sanford novel costs twice that in hard cover :)

Have a great summer! S

Comments (7)

  • Calamity_J

    Good info, I'll get my Hubby to read this post, then he'll be a bit less apprehensive...the kinda guy who goes around pulling out night lights!!!!lol! Seriously....

  • ugoigo

    Just wanted to confirm your electricity rate of $.0121 per KWH. Seems to be a little low. I thought it would likely be $.121 per KWH. I believe your monthly usage is 1069KWh for the pond which would make the cost $129.35 per month???

  • sheepco

    Sorry. My local summer rate is 12.1 cents/kwh (got carried away with the decimal point). But my pond used 3.566kw in 24 hours (so 106.98kw/month). Divide 3.566 by 24, multipy by 720 (total hours in a month) and multiply by .121 =$12.94. (Thats the calculation REA gave me)
    My summer electric bill has never been $129 even using the AC!

  • frogman4_gw

    Sounds right to me!Whew! glad my rate is only 7.2 cents/KWH with running 8100gph + 350gph + 450gph pumps my bill would be huge! Before I bought the 8100gph I calculated the electric cost for me was around $25.00 month but the rate was different then.

  • daniellalell

    I've gotta see if I can figure out mine.
    That's great you were able to figure it out sheepco! $13 a month ain't bad!
    DH is always blaming my pond for high elec bills, (they are never even really high..I think he's nuts! lmao!). I only have one mag drive 2000gph pump going. Need a bigger one though, wanna upgrade to 5000gph. Need more umph in that waterfall!
    I'm gonna show my DH this thread too!

  • mike_il

    Yes that is what the utility company charges per KWH but that is normally only part of what electricity costs. Normally there are other charges on the bill including taxes. I would take the total electric bill and divide it by the kwh used to find out the true cost per kwh.

  • albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

    My spouse set about to learn solar collectors, batteries and direct current by running the pond appliances that way. With the help of the local community college she is so far I think she is into about $400 or a little less than a dollar a gallon.

    Theory is that next year should be almost free, I suppose.

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