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Growing Prunus Mume (Umeboshi) from a seed (pit)

June 13, 2007

Does anyone here know how to grow Prunus Mume (Umeboshi) from a seed?

I would like to grow my own tree, but have no idea how to go about it. Can I just use the pit from the Umeboshi that I eat, or is it now useless for growing because it has been pickled? And if that is the case, where can I get seeds?

Thank you in advance!


P.S. If you could be fairly detailed in your responses, I would appreciate it, I have the opposite of a green thumb. You name it, I can kill it. I'd like this tree to be my first successful non-dying plant...

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  • morz8

    You are correct in thinking your pits from pickled apricots aren't viable. You might try the Seed Exchange Forum here and see if anyone has ripe fruit or untreated seed they could send you -

    Soak seed, stratify 4 months (give the seeds a prolonged moist chill of approx 40F), and sow 4" apart early in spring, just covered, well-drained soil essential, sunny spot preferred. Needs light to germinate. If germination is difficult, try planting and keeping seed warm for 2 weeks before stratification, or simply sow outdoors in early in fall.

    Raintree Nursery (reliable) sells young trees, but they also caution that in a mild maritime climate (like my own) they may bloom so early as so not to set fruit. If you were to order a tree, you might ask about your own zone if it's the fruit and not ornamental quality of the tree you are interested in.

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