only sand for the base of paver patio?

12 years ago

I'm freaking out. I was told by a salesperson that I didn't actually need base for my paver patio, just sand. So I ordered sand and very expensive pavers (they are 24X24, 12X24, & 12X12). They are delivered and we planned everything to just skip the base. We dug 4 inches thick. We planned to put 2 inches of sand and then the pavers. The salesperson told us that if our ground was hard it would be okay, especially because the pavers are large and heavy.

But as I read more and more directions, they all say to have 4" base of gravel. Then our neighbor told us that about 15" into the ground he hit clay. I don't want to pay for gravel and a delivery charge if I don't need to.

HELP PLEASE. Is it okay to lay larger pavers on sand alone? Our ground is fairly hard- we had to water it a bunch just to dig out 4 inches. And if we do get gravel, is 1 inch enough? I thought maybe I'd put down 1 inches of gravel and 1 inch of sand.

I have a driveway full of sand and pavers. I need to get this finished. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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