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March 1, 2010

I am making a presentation to a city to implement a landscape plan to plant 60 different wild rose species in their rose park, as was originally planned in the landscape plans from the 1930's.

I'd like to hear from the rose growing public. I hope there will be an enthusiastic response.

Please vote. A. B. or C.

Would you rather see a

A. A free public rose park, 6 acres large, which has

several hundred hybrid garden roses.

in addition to this, a wild rose area in the surrounding acreage, planted with 60 different wild rose species, this would include an

-an Asian wild rose collection,including R. brunonii,R. laevigata, Rosa longicuspis, R. macrantha, R chinensis spontanea with its red as cinnabar roses and shiny foliage. R. moyesii, often planted for its glorious rose hip display. Rosa wich. R. rugosa, spicy fragrant white or pink roses.

-Asia Minor roses: 'Austrian Briar' bicolor

R. primula has sleder wands of basal canes covered with dainty primula (primrose) yellow roses in spring, but all through the growing season its leaves are of interest, for it is called the Incense Rose for its intensely aromatic leaves. I thought I was sitting near a Buddhist temple the first time I encountered this rosebush, but the lovely fragrance was wafting towards me from the rose foliage.

-European wild rose collection, Rosa pendulina, Rosa canina the dog rose. Rosa arvensis the beautiful wild rose from which the Ayreshire Ramblers descend. R. eglanteria, the small pink roses were a symbol of virginity and painted beside Queen Elizabeth the Great in her portraits during the late 1500's. Rosa spinosissima (Scotch Briar rose) ferny foliage, and lily of the valley scented roses. and or 'Altaica' larger blossoms of a similar fragrance.

-North American wild rose collection including the showy cerise-pink blend Prairie rose, Rosa setigera,

Rosa woodsii, Rosa palustris (Swamp Rose far prettier than its' name), Rosa virginiana, Rosa carolina and Misc. including Rosa sancta The Holy Rose of Ethiopia.

Each wild rose would have a sign, and there would be a Rose Trail guide with map, on a website showing each rose species name, location and the month that wild rosebush blooms and when to visit to see the glorious autumn rose hip display.



-the usual type of public rose garden with hundreds of hybrid garden roses.

C. don't care either way. Roses are roses are roses.

Also, do you have a favorite wild rose? or roses?


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