calling all zone 4 and lower ponders....questions from a newbie

November 2, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions you can offer. It seems I've run smack dab into cardinal rule one of pond construction: It will always need to be bigger and better!

So after constructing my first pond this year, I'm already making plans to add on and expand next spring.

My question is would it even be worth my time to dig a 4 foot deep section in the new pond addition to over-winter fish? According to the local Extension agent, the frost line for my area is 42" and my fiance - who is an avid angler - informs me that is common for the ice to be 3 feet thick on the lakes around here. Is it really possible to keep a pond open in the extreme winters we get? The weather is not always that horrible around here but usually in January there will be a 2 week cold snap. Last winter we had 10 consecutive days where the temperature did not go above 0 degrees F(don't even get me started on the wind chill - everything shut down around here for 3 straight days, no work, no school, emergency, utility services only available!)

Would it just be smarter (and less headache) to just plan to buy a cheap-o 55 gallon aquarium from craigs list and bring my fish in every winter?



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