HFGH on sale

10 years ago

Just letting folks know the hfgh is on sale Today tomorrow and Monday. I picked up a 10x12 today it is on sale for $599 and I had a 20% coupon so made it a sweet deal. I will show pics as I go along. The smaller one is on sale for $299

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  • mudobber
    10 years ago

    Yes my darling sister warned me about this. She also sent me the coupon and now I am a proud owner of the 10x12 HFGH! It is in a box in my garage.

  • eric_wa
    10 years ago


    I am a proud owner of the 10x12 HFGH! It is in a box in my garage.

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    That's great! but it's not doing much good in that dark place. :~)
    Have Fun

  • Michelle Reynolds
    10 years ago

    what kind greenhouse is this?
    I don't know what HFGH is.

  • eric_wa
    10 years ago

    Harbor Freight

  • Dan _Staley (5b Sunset 2B AHS 7)
    10 years ago

    The 'search' function using "hfgh" should return plenty of hits.

    Nonetheless, it sure is tempting every year when they put those coupons out...


  • knotbored
    10 years ago

    I am in the process of building that HFGH 10 X 12. Frame is up, panels are going in when it stops raining. Many old forums about that greenhouse, but most are old and some pictures or references come back invalid. Is it time to make an up-to-date one? I paid $650 and consider that price aa steal!
    Note the instruction booklet will drive you nuts, and has some mistakes corrected in forums-search on this site for HFGH and look at the photos!

  • peggyneckfarms
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    Have not been able to assemble yet because of all the snow storms. Have everything in the barn laid out and have done alot of prep work taping panel edges etc.
    Have the 4x4 frame in place and then storms hit.

    I paid about $480 sale price and 20% coupon.

  • knotbored
    10 years ago

    A couple of hints I didn't find elsewhere:

    I loosly pre-assembled the back wall with two corner studs, the 79 and 80 diagonals, the two 31 horizontals and two 48 clips. It was quite easy to lift that wall into position using the 79Âs as arms and it balanced as I secured the corners.
    The "extra" bolts loaded into the studs are a pain to keep out of the way when securing the bottom of each stud. They are in the way and the even wedge behind the diagonal braces. A piece of tape preventing them from sliding down helps. (I am a smoker and stuffed a cigarette butt into the slot.)
    A large nail slipped under the bolt helps to locate the base bolt of each stud up off the foundation so it can match the clip hole. Fingers donÂt fit between stud and the clip.
    Also-poster MUDHOUSE posted that extra clips are available from HF for $10.95 (plus it cost me $7 shipping part number 29457 order only by phone 1-800-444-3353. These are necessary to adequatly secure the lexan panels against winds.

  • karyn1
    10 years ago

    I've had the HFGH for a couple years. Ignore the instructions that come with it as they are worthless. This greenhouse needs a bit of modifying but once it's done it's a nice little greenhouse. These were the best modifications/instructions that we found. Without the extra structural support this greenhouse would be a wreck after the first strong wind. A couple people I know that didn't add the extra support had severe damage after winds under 40 mph. Mine has withstood several strong storms.

    Here is a link that might be useful: HFGH modifications

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