Help with the location for my GH

12 years ago

I wanted to start by saying that this forum has been so helpful and informative.

I received a GH for Xmas from my Husband. I am waiting until the weather is a bit bearable to set it up on the east side of my house where I usually plant in the spring. It is the ideal location for my GH. This area is fenced, I decided to attach the GH to the fence which measures 10X18. Can anyone tell me if my 10X12 HFGH will fit in the width of exactly 10' 3". the measurements on the box says 10 1/2 X 12 1/2. I will not be able to fit the extra 1/2 ft in this space. We do not have much of a backyard and I wanted to leave some space for our doggies. The backyard is completely shaded from our neighbors trees as well. the only possible space is on the east side of our house. can anyone measure their erected HFGH width . I know I will have room for the length. Since reading about the support issues the HFGH has had, I know half fence will give it added support. I look forward to any advise. Shari

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