Weatherguard vs. HFGH 6x8?

15 years ago

Being that it is the dead of winter here in Rhode Island, my thoughts are turning to spring, and getting a greenhouse! As I posted earlier, I am looking at the Weatherguard greenhouse at Home Depot. It seems very well made, and is 8 feet wide x 8 feet long, and 6'6" high. It costs $250. Then I saw the HFGH everone talks about selling for $299- the 6x8 model. I like the larger one, but it is too much money for me, and I am scared off by all the negative posts.

I grow mainly orchids, but would also like to start vegetables and herbs.

So, now I am not sure what would be better for me- the Weatherguard or the HF. Can anyone make suggestions, comparisons, pros/cons?

Thank you!

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  • tstation
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Oops- soory, I should have included a link over to the Weatherguard greenhouse:


    Here is a link that might be useful: Weatherguard greenhouse

  • gardenerwantabe
    15 years ago

    For me that would be a no brainier. The 6x8 hfgh has got good reviews it is made from extruded aluminum with twin wall polycarbonate panels and the other is a vinyl with zippers. I own one similar to it and the zippers broke in a few weeks. They are hard to heat and that means expensive to heat. Due to the lack of proper roof vents they are nearly impossible to cool. Even if it has a roof vent it will be a cheap made zipper.
    Unless you absolutely have to have a portable buy the HFGH it is 10 times better than that thing you are considering.

  • steve421
    15 years ago

    The weatherguard to me looks like a complete waste of money...you could get a much less expensive cheap GH...I guarentee once you get a gh youll love it..that looks like it may last a year....I have played around wih GH plant tiers in the past (made from similar material) and once I got a GH my only regret is that I didnt get a bigger one...I also wish I knew about HFGH before I bought my 4x6...cause I definitally would have bougght one of those instead..


  • tstation
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Yea, that is pretty much what I was thinking. I will probably settle on the HFGH. Is the door only 5'3" high? That doesn't seem right- way to small. Any recomendations for a foundation?

  • gardenerwantabe
    15 years ago

    Yea, that is pretty much what I was thinking. I will probably settle on the HFGH. Is the door only 5'3" high? That doesn't seem right- way to small. Any recommendations for a foundation?

    Do a search on the site milwdave has pictures of his on I think 2x10 was what he used. That will give you a lot more head room.
    Here is a link on this site of a 6X8 with base being constructed

    Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of hfgh base

  • agardenstateof_mind
    15 years ago

    I have been delighted with my 6x8 HFGH. Yes, the door is 64" - just a little over 5 feet. The peak is 77" high, and the sidewalls are just about 48". You can improve on the height by placing the greenhouse on a foundation of 2x12's. I thought it might be a little awkward stepping over the high threshhold and stooping through the door (I'm 5'7") but it hasn't been a problem, and my huband and son (6'2" and 6'3", respectively) haven't complained either.

    There are so many things people have done with their HFGHs, the best thing for you to do is, as was mentioned above, do a search and read the posts. There's a lot to go through, but it's worth it - little gems of experience/knowledge/ingenuity are sprinkled throughout, and when you're building and run into a snag, you'll probably remember someone having gone through this before ... then you'll go nuts trying to figure out which thread it was on, lol! Seriously, search & read - you'll be glad you did.

    One thing I don't want you to miss: Someone discovered that the copper in the new treated lumber will react with the aluminum base, causing it to corrode. So if you use new treated lumber for the foundation, use some kind of barrier between the two materials. We used a foam insulating tape with aluminum backing on one side, plastic on the other, which also provides a better seal around the base.

    There are so many tips - I'd better go before I get started. It may be 21 degrees outside, but I'm going to sip a second cup of coffee surrounded by flowering plants in the 66-degree greenhouse, maybe harvest some lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes for a lunchtime salad. Good luck ... enjoy ... come back with questions/comments whenever you wish ... report on your progress!


  • caflowerluver
    15 years ago

    I had a small cheap vinyl one with zippers and it didn't even make it one season. Plus it was hard to regulate the temperature.
    There is no comparison. I got a HFGH in December and I already have a jump on my spring/summer garden. All the veggies and flowers are growing great in there.
    My hubby just put in a fan, vent and thermostat because we were having a heat wave. Now the temps are down in the 30's at night. Either way it seems to be working fine.

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