Have Joined The HFGH Club

14 years ago

Been lurking on site for a few months,in Oct 06 got the

10x12 and Got Her Done! Also decide to join so I can thank

all who posted about mods to keep it together in a storm.

So Far I Have installed one emt brace in center,between walls,emt braces acroos back wall on L brackets for a second row of shelves at upper level on two Over door,Added 5 Black Plastic Drums for extra Mass.

Install Shelves on 3 sides , Installed intake and exhaust fan with thermostat for cooling (set at 78*f)? Installed heater 16K Btu ,had to add fresh air intake to heater (Kept going out until air intake was added) Trying to root 2 Plumeria,Ginger,and Hibiscus, also got a couple maters started.

Thanks for the tips

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