Experience with my hfgh and a few questions

12 years ago

Hey guys,

Been a while since I have posted up.

This is my second season with the 10X12 hfgh. I have really enjoyed having mine. I did some modifications and it has held up through some nasty storms. I lost a few panels but screwed them in once they were found.

I have a few questions.....

I am getting ready to fire up my gas heater and move my seedlings from the house into the gh. I was wondering if putting a piece of plastic at head level as a false roof and lining the sides and walls with a layer of plastic would help keep down my fuel costs and basically shrink my greenhouse until things warm up. The heater kept it above 50 last spring at the lowest setting. IT has a thermostat and works well I am just trying to keep costs down. THOUGHTS........

I also want to add a misting system that will keep my flats from drying out when at the fire station for 24 hrs at a time. It will keep things cooler once temps get up I assume. The exhaust fan kicks on quite often once temps get up around May. I was hoping my water timer could kick on a few seconds an hour and mist my seedlings etc during the hottest part of the day. Can I plumb it with PVC over the flats and just add misting heads without buying a booster pump, filter, and all that jazz? I bought a cheap system from Lowes last year but the drops were bigger than mist. IT worked great for potted plants etc. but not for seedling trays. Can someone shed some light on my plight and recommend a system?

Thanks in advance!

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