Previous HFgh owner...Thinking of doing a shed type? Help!

9 years ago

Hey everyone,

I moved last summer and left my 10x12 HFGH with the old house.(after the nightmare of making that thing go together and reinforcing it, I didn't want to move it)

We are settled in to the new house with 3 acres and I am slowly getting the garden beds started. I miss my greenhouse badly. My question is this....

I have a nice cistern that would be perfect to build a gh on (water source right below me from barn runoff)

I am thinking of framing up a 2x4 shed type building(similiar to a garden shed from home depot etc) and then putting a layer of plastic on the inside, and a layer on the outside and stapling the plastic on. It would be double layered but no air forced between the two layers. What type of plastic do I need?

Can I buy the stuff at Lowes or do I need greenhouse grade plastic? I figure I can frame it up, build it to my specs, and put the plastic on cheaper than buying the HF kit. My base had rusted badly on the last one and there was alot of wasted space in the high ceiling. Any suggestions or recomendations from those who have built something similiar. I could cover it in panels but the cost would be much higher. I figure I could replace the plastic every couple years if need be?

Would you put plastic on all four walls or make the north wall solid?

I need your thoughts and advice.

I will have electricity but will probably not heat it. Could I use the ground temp water pumped through it somehow to heat it in the winter? I assume the water will eventually start to cool down?

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