My HFGH is done but man i have so much to figure out!

13 years ago

I dumped my last load of gravel in this afternoon in my new 10x12 . It was sunny here today and the greenhouse heated up quickly into the upper 80's. It was in the mid 60's outside. It was in the low 30's in the greenhouse at daylight this morning. It drops out quick once the sun goes down. I plan on putting some large drums inside for thermal mass to try and retain some heat. I am running a space heater i got today to see how warm i can keep it tonight. Lows in the lower 50's. I dont think it will keep it warm enough for seedlings when it gets in the 30's and lower. HF vents opened today but i can see that won't cool it enough when temps get above 70. Plan on installing a vent fan on a thermastat. Any suggestions to heat this thing? I probably can't afford to heat it all winter but want to get a jump here a few months before last frost date which is May 15th in central ky.. Wal mart had blue flame wall mounts on clearance for 140$ today. Problem is i have to run a gas line from the house wich is about 60 yards away. That will be pricey. IT amazed me just how short a time it stayed nice and comfy around 75 in there. IT was fast warming up but faster cooling off this evening. I need a 101 class on green house tendancies.

I am excited and ready to learn....

Hope to put all my aroids and bananas in to start them early but i am scared they will freeze when it gets really cold.

I work 24 on 48 off at the fire station so i am not home for extended periods.....

Can you buy a plug in type thermostat that appliances such as vent fans and heaters plug right into??

I have a billion questions. I will post some pics soon. I need shelves and a fan and a heater and a .....a ..... i need lots of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any good reading on the net to help get me started?

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