10x12 HFGH survived some big wind

11 years ago

Just wanted to give a big thank you to gardenerwantabe. We have had 50 plus mph winds here for past day starting late last evening and I was nervous, you know the feeling, "what will I wake up to?" Fortunately I took his pool cover idea this winter and I'm sure it saved my HFGH. I have a clear pool cover running up the sides and over the peak. The ends are not covered but the panels are all taped with clear weather proof tape. The method used to hold the pool cover in place is 1/2" aluminum angle screwed into the frame over the perimeter of the pool cover. This really seals the panels and prevents the wind from lifting any of the panels. I now feel confident that short of a tornado this GH and its' panels aren't going anywhere. Bring on the warm spring weather!

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  • greenhouser2
    11 years ago

    We had a panel blow out of one of the vents. It was fixed before nightfall. That was the only damage to both GHs. I'll be glad to see this winter go.

  • crabbcat
    11 years ago

    We had a huge national disaster type ice storm 18 days ago, just got power back yesterday, internet today. Also just had the windstorm here two days ago. 50mph sustained, 70mph gusts. every structure and vehicle i have got damaged in some way except my new greenhouse... I'm starting my seedlings today!

  • gardenerwantabe
    11 years ago

    Recently we had a storm that broke two of our trellis off at ground level up rooted trees but NO damage to our 10x12 HFGH.
    This is the 4th season of growing plants from seeds in it and the panels show no sign of yellowing or deterioration.

    Only problem is with vent motor I have had trouble with electric vent motors being junk. I bought it from IGC.

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