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Harbor Freight Retail employees are cool and the 10x12 greenhouse

March 19, 2006

Ok, I bet at least half of you are starting to get tired of seeing my posts, but then the Nice thing about Garden web, is that you do not have to read my messages if you do not want to.

People always let you know when they are unhappy with CS, but rarely say anything when they get good service.

I had called all the HF Stores near me, and found one store that had just received the 10x12 greenhouse. For what ever reason, half of the HF's near me do not carry it, and most of the others have not received them yet.

When I found the store that had them, I asked if I could use the coupon that said it expires on the 18th, and I was told "no problem". I also asked what the price was, and was told the same thing all the retail stores had told me $699, but doing that math I realized that even with that price, using the coupon, and not having to pay shipping, it would cost me about $100 less than Mail order

So my wife and I grabbed my wife's truck, and went down there today to pick it up, We got there about a half hour before closing. They had to get it out of the Warehouse because it had only been unloaded from the truck and had not been inventoried yet.

They got it for me with not complaints.

When they rang it up, they told me that it rang up at $699 (Before the coupon, and I was ready to pay), but the Manager, then asked me if that was the price I saw on line. (Remember, Harbor Freight has two websites, Harborfreight.com for online orders, and HarborFreightUSA.com for the retail stores). I told him that I had seen it for $599 on the web site. He asked me if I had a Print out, and I said no. He then asked one of his employees to go online and check the price. The employee said that it was $599, so the manager adjusted the Price, and sold it to me for $599, - the 20% off coupon, $480, WOWSERS, and I did not have to fight to get that Price, he asked me.

Then he had his people load it into our truck and help tie it down.

Warning to all who want to go pick one of these up, THE BOX IS HUGE!, wait, I don't want to Exaggerate... The box is huge.

Ok, my wife's truck has a Full size bed, it is not a long bed, and not a short bed, just a full size, and this box hung out 12-18 inches from the back of the truck, think twice when you decide what vehicle to pick this up with. The Box measures 8 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot. And probably weights about 200 pounds.

I know some people have discussed what it says on the Box; mine has the images from the website, right down to the One stop Gardens Logo, and says it is a 10 x 12 greenhouse. Then it says "Overall dimensions 10.5'x12.5'x7' sidewalls"

The only thing taped to the outside of the box was a single Allen wrench, I almost missed it. So maybe the instructions are inside. But it does not matter because Grant generously emailed me the PDF of the instructions.

I will take many pictures during construction, and I will start posting them as soon as I figure out Photo Bucket ;), and will probably pick a few brains here when I get stumped ;)

I am very eager to get starter building, but here is the kicker, The temps are 30-45, the winds are blowing 30 mph, we have rain, lightening and snow, and I bruised my good foot so bad I can barely walk (I had surgery on the other foot in December, and just got to the point I feel safe walking in the Yard ;)

So It may be a few days before I get started building, but that is ok, it gives me a chance to read through the instructions a few times, check the parts for missing parts, and pickup some stainless bolts and some extra clips from Charlie's ;) That is part of the reason I wanted to get the greenhouse now, I have 6 months, till I have to have it working perfectly ;)

Comments (17)

  • gardenerwantabe

    That is what I plan on doing also. i have plants in our little 6x8 and they will stay their until time to put them in the ground. Next year we will use the 10x12 so I have plenty of time to be sure I have everything like I want it before next spring.

  • mraroid

    I went to my local HF store to look at the smaller 6'X 8' greenhouse. It was not on sale. I told the manager I wanted to buy one, but was going to wait until it went on sale for $299. He said they go on sale about three or four times a year. But if I wanted one now, he could sell it to me for the $299. I said SURE! I paid for it, drove around back, and the employees loaded it into my pickup.

    I am very happy with it.


  • slaphead

    Way to go Jimmy!


  • wolflover

    Wow, you stole that greenhouse!! Great price. Mind if I ask how you got the 20% off coupon? I have several friends interested in the 10 X 12' and they could afford it a little easier at 20% off. Maybe you've posted the answer on another thread. I haven't checked in here for awhile because I thought spring had arrived, LOL. But we got a freeze tonight, so that caused me to check the greenhouse forum again. I'm sure glad I hadn't moved all my plants out yet. I just had to move 20-30 back inside the greenhouse before the cold weather hit.

    Best of luck with your new greenhouse. I'm sure you will love it!

  • jimmydo2

    I received the 20% off coupon by email, they generaly do not last very long. When you sign up for email announcements for the Retail Harbor freight stores, you get about 3 emails a week, and occaisonaly they send out the 20% off coupon.

    You can sign up for the retail store emails at www.harborfreightusa.com

    Yesterday, I received another 20% off coupon, that is good until 03/29

    These coupons are only good for use in the retail stores

    If you go to www.harborfreight.com, that is for their online store.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Harbor Freight USA

  • wolflover

    Thanks Jimmy, My DH & I both get several sales emails from Harbor Freight and One Stop Gardens every week, but we've never received the coupons. I really appreciate it!

  • clvlnd

    Does anyone heat their house or have I gone nuts? I live in Ohio and just recently purchased the 10x12 but was interested in heating it around the beginning of the year, just to get an early start for spring. I was going to use gas but was told that a 5000 BTU heater would be necessary, and they are not easily found. Recommendations were to use an electric heater, but I can fathom what that might cost. Any suggestions from anyone??? Thanks.

  • danculb_netcommander_com

    Thanks for posting this information. I'm thinking of buying this greenhouse since it is still available at Harbor Freight at a good price (but not nearly as good as what you got it for!). Did you ever erect it? If so can I bother you with a few questions about it?

    Thanks for any response.

  • mudhouse_gw

    Hello Dan,
    Since this is an older thread, and I don't think I've seen posts from Jimmydo2 for a few years here, thought I'd pop in with a reply. A number of folks here have built the Harbor Freight 10x12, and I wouldn't hesitate to start a new thread with your questions. There's a ton of good info if you enter "HFGH 10x12" into the search box here. In addition, here are some links to photos of builds that might be helpful.

    My blog: Building the HFGH 10x12 Greenhouse

    Gardenerwantabe's thread on HFGH modifications:
    A Guide to the Modifications of 10x12 HFGH
    ...and a link to his photos:
    Gardenerwantabe's HFGH photos

    Laserfan's thread, with links to his photos:
    HFGH 10x12 Lessons Learned

    Oraylawson's thread, with links to his photos:
    10x12 HFGH

    Troykd's site:
    Building our Greenhouse, an Adventure in Pain

    Foxesearths blog:
    HF Greenhouse in Progress

    Amigatec's site:
    How I Built My 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

    Joe Urda's site:
    Harbor Freight Greenhouse

  • amigatec

    I have a new Website when I parked my pages, so the above listed site for me is no good.

    I still don't have it ready yet, but it is getting closer.

  • kudzu9

    It all epends how warm you want it. I have a 10' X 15' single pane glass greenhouse in Zone 8. I heat my greenhouse with an electric, 900W/1500W oil-filled heater. It's got a thermostat and I keep it on the lowest setting so the temp stays above freezing. You can usually get a decent one for about $50 (e.g., from Amazon). If you get an electric heater that draws more than 1500W, or run more than one, you're going to blow the breaker on a standard 15 amp circuit, especially if you have anything else plugged in. If you want to use something bigger, you're going to have to seriously upgrade the wiring that supplies electricity to your GH. One of the reasons I can get by with a small heater is that I also have 3 seed-starting mats that measure 1.5' X 4', and each one only draws 100W. I just set my sensitive plants and seedlings on that and everything seems to be happy. Since I usually have a power outage a couple of times during the winter, I have a small propane heater for backup.

  • mudhouse_gw

    amigatec posted: "I have a new Website..."

    Thank you amigatec, change noted!

  • ohdannyboy

    Sheri, thanks for all the links. They answered all my questions. But your blog post and the other posts about the polycarbonate panels failing pretty much has turned me off about it. If the panels won't hold up to Florida summer sun the greenhouse is pretty useless to me. So I guess I'll just throw up a metal pole structure and cover it with UV coated film - I know that will last about 4 years here.


  • mudhouse_gw

    You're welcome Dan. I wish we had more complete info about the polycarbonate question, but I'm still waiting to see how much of a problem this will be for me. My panels have clearly yellowed, but no holes or cracks yet. My HFGH has been a great way for me to learn about greenhouses, and this panel problem has been my only regret.

    I do note that many folks in colder climates don't seem to have much of a problem with this, and using shadecloth on the roof seems to help too.

    This is my second winter with the GH, and even if I have to replace the panels in a year or two (which will be pricey) it was still a very good value for me...but that's also partly because I bought my kit on sale, with a discount coupon, and at a much lower starting price than the current price.

    Best of luck with your greenhouse...you'll find lots of good help here regardless of which structure you choose!

  • funnylady

    I live in Florida just outside of Ocala. Where are you located? I have 3 HFGH'S 1 6X8, 2 10X12 joined back to back to make one long GH. The 6X8 I have had for about 4 yrs. One of the 10X12's for almost 3 yrs and the last 10X12 for a little over a year. Have no holes starting. A couple of the panels in the roof vents are turning a little yellow but no holes. I even cleaned some of them with a harsh cleaner last year to get all of the caluim off. I'm in the prosess of cleaning again the year and see no holes. BUT I put "Kleenmaster Brillianie" on it after so that may have saved it some. Go to www.BRILLIANIZE.com to see what I used. I can't remember if I put that on the panels before I put them in.

  • buyorsell888

    My 6 x 8 is in it's third winter. No yellowing, no cracks or holes that I can see. I do have some algae in the channels.

  • troykd

    No yellowing or holes in our 2 year old HFGH either. I think the shade cloth or aluminet is a help.

    Went through some pretty good winds this winter without a problem, probably due to the door modification.

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