Our first 10x12 HFGH glitch

14 years ago

We started building our 10x12 HFGH yesterday and quickly got to our first glitch. Part #7 (corner posts) are supposed to be two 7a's and two 7b's. All our #7s are all the same, and none of them have holes drilled like the picture, plus they are missing a set of holes. Does anyone have this problem and how are you dealing with it?

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  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    When I built mine I had the same problem others have found the same glitch. Since I bought one of the first ones I posted about the problems with assembling to help those who bought this model GH. Below is a link to the thread about the corner posts. I also posted about several other problems and how I cured them. You are at the first of many things that need to be fixed. I don't remember how many different post I made but their were several. Look at the other pages for post that I started about the 10x12 HFGH I posted detailed description of the modifications and even posted pictures of them. You can search these out and find a lot of info.

    Here is a link that might be useful: HFGH

  • greginshasta
    14 years ago

    ok, to get the #7 pieces to fit, we had to re-drill the holes at the bottom. Then, once we attached 5/6 on each side to the #7 corner pieces, the 5/6 strips were 1/2" short of the other end. That meant that when we used the #47 tie-down brackets, they didn't rise from the rear base frames at a 90 degree angle - they had to come up at an angle.

    Nevertheless, moving on...

    Now I'm at pieces 24/25/27 which are mounted at the door end. The detail of the provided instructions, or the PDF which appears to be an updated (however incomplete) version, leave me at a loss.

    The PDF says:
    Assemble both Right- and Left-handed Side Ceiling Plates (12, 13) to one another. Also, assemble the Front-left and -right Ceiling Plates (24, 25) to the two holes in
    yhe center of the Right Door Rail (27). Attach both ends of the Right Door Rail (27) to the holes in the Ceiling Plates (24, 25).

    However, the Right Door Rail (27) ONLY HAS ONE HOLE, and that's at the end. Worse, the drawing of this aspect of the assembly shows NO DETAIL so one must guess what direction stuff goes in.

    Could someone give me a nudge in the right direction here please?

    I have to tell ya - anyone that is considering buying one of these should be very wary. If you don't have strong assembly skills and the necessary tools (at this point, I'm using 2 drills for a pilot and larger hole), I'd skip it and get something else!


  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    That meant that when we used the #47 tie-down brackets, they didn't rise from the rear base frames at a 90 degree angle - they had to come up at an angle.

    The above statement and the 5 and 6 being short tells me that you have something wrong. Since you drilled your own holes I would suspect that is the problem.
    It is not all that difficult but unless you make the modifications that I spoke of it will collapse in the first high wind you get. Kinda sounds like you need to find someone to help you with this.

  • greginshasta
    14 years ago

    Nope, I don't think drilling holes in the #7 corner posts had anything to do with this. I attached parts 5 & 6 with the 3 pre-drilled holes in the center, and the result was that they were not long enough to reach the rear wall.

  • greginshasta
    14 years ago

    It is beginning to look like thread this could become the roadmap to revising the instructions for this junk GH.

    Ok, so 2 part #31 pieces are to be laid next to each other. Then 2 part #48 brackets (about 4" in length) are attached perpendicular to those. The 4 pieces are then assembled with the long 66 bolts and nuts.

    In the diagram, those #48 brackets would appear to be vertical. However, the holes in the #31 Rear Braces are not drilled to allow the 48's to be vertically oriented, perpindicular to the 31's. Due to the placement of the holes in the 31's, they are instead aligning diagonally.

    For clarity, the #31 pieces are 5'10" in lengtt with 4 holes drilled along their length. The idea here is that it would appear that you are supposed to align them so they extend to roughly a 10'span and connect them with the #48 brackets. Bolts go through the last 2 holes where the braces are overlapped in the middle of the GH.

    gardenerwantabe, or anyone else, did you find that these holes had to be redrilled, or did they line up, allowing the #48 brackets to stand vertically?

    thanks (and no, I don't think I need to find someone to help. I'm very technical and this simply isn't working. the instructions are crap and holes appear to be incorrectly drilled. There are already 3 of us standing around this project scratching our heads.)

  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    The 48 bracket goes vertical use the bottom hole to bolt to the cross brace after the roof is put on then you will bolt part 18&19 to parts 48.Maybe you are in too big a rush because if you look at the illustration and read the instructions it is very clear how they go
    As for part 5 and 6 the holes are drilled wrong. When you aliened the holes and bolted it together if you had took the time to look at it you would see that the holes are off for the wall studs and they will be at a angle.You need to turn them around and dill a new hole where they bolt together in the center,Yes their are many mistakes but it is not rocket science to figure out where the pieces go. Slow down take a look at the parts and it should be clear what you need to do. It is disappointing to buy something that needs so much changing but if you had paid a thousand dollars more it still would have been made in china and you probably would still have the same problems you would just be out a lot more money.

  • javan
    14 years ago

    Phew, and I thought building the 6X8 HFGH was hard! You folks are wizards. I really just want to appreciate you greginshasta for working through the problems and sharing what they are, and you gardenerwantabe for the encouragement and information about the process which you share so unstintingly. Bravo to both, and I do want to hear about how it continues to go (since my 6X8 is full and I'd love to get the 10X12.) All the best, Jim

  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    Posted by: greginshasta (My Page) on Sun, Mar 26, 06 at 19:17

    Nope, I don't think drilling holes in the #7 corner posts had anything to do with this. I attached parts 5 & 6 with the 3 pre-drilled holes in the center, and the result was that they were not long enough to reach the rear wall.

    Part#5 goes on the right and part#6 goes on the left this is when you are standing behind the GH facing the front. and only one of the holes line up in the center. You need to drill the other hole. If the holes in the center lined up then you probably have #6 on the right and #5 on the left. If that is what you did when it comes time to put the back wall studs in they will not line up with the holes at the top where they bolt to part #31
    If your's is like mine and it probably is then the only way that the holes in the center would line up is if you had 5 and 6 reversed.

  • jimmydo2
    14 years ago

    Greetings Gardenerwantabe: ( I tried to send you an email directly, but GW would not let me :()
    I think you have the patience of a saint. Being a relative newcomer to this site, and having the Fortune/Misfortune of having built one of the first 10x12's. It is great that you take the time to help out, clarify the instructions, and offer suggestions and advice to those of us who are drowning in the Chinese translated instructions that read like a home stereo instalation manual.

    I think we all need to buy you a plant for your greenhouse. Personaly I am putting you on the top of my list as a recipiant for one of my hardy Duncan Grapefruit trees (Once I get them hardened ;))

  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    THANKS for the kind words.
    I was thinking about you today I remember you said you would probably start on your's over the weekend.
    I have never built a GH before but compared to somethings that I have built the GH was not all that bad.
    A few years ago I wanted to put a D1-R Procharger on my Corvette and the company that builds it told me that it could not be done. When I ask why they said their engineers had not figured out a way to make it work and that if I got it to work I would not be able to put the hood on.
    I bought the supercharger and installed it on my vette show car and have a house full of trophies that I won with it. This makes the greenhouse seem like child's play.
    Getting back to the GH it did try my patience mostly because I thought that all I would have to do was assemble it and that was not the case. With all the mistakes and the modifications that needs to be done to make it survive a thunder storm it turned out to be a PITA
    Jimmy i didn't set the forum up for the mail but if you need to contact me I have a account at hotmail you can reach me through it. don't forget to put the periods in. You can E-Mail me if you need any pictures of the mods beyond what I have already posted. I'm sure you saw those. Yesterday I laid the ground cloth then put down Styrofoam insulation covered it with sand and then laid the floor it is made from patio blocks. Took the day off today to rest and took the wife to a really big nursery today and she bought a few plants.

  • don_wilson
    14 years ago

    1.Had the same problem with 24/25/27&26. How did you
    resolve the missing holes?
    2.What's the best way to deal with the 31's in back?

    Thanks for any input

  • greginshasta
    14 years ago


    By the time I got done screwing around with the incorrectly drilled #7 corner posts, I was so da*& angry at this PITA kit that I thought 24/25/27 were yet another problem. They are not.

    Slip bolts into the slot at the back of 27, and align them with the holes in 24/25. Then bolt from the back of 24/25.

    Similarly, the 31's were not a problem. My 30 & 31 braces have arrow stickers on them. Those must point toward the center. With that orientation things work out ok.

    I did find, however, that to get the 31's to connect to the 49's, one of the 31's had to be pulled down a bit to the bolt location.

    Find the other 10x12 HFGH thread. I have enumerated a number of thoughts as to how to overcome assembly problems.

    With regard to the rear wall, now that I have it assembled, I really wish I had assembled the 2 center #14 posts, the #48 brackets, the #31 braces, and the posts that fit on top of the center #14 posts - all as one assembly on the ground. Then erect the whole dangthing at once.

    It may not be for everyone, but I think it's worth trying.


  • don_wilson
    14 years ago


    Thank you!!!!

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