Greenhouse within a Greenhouse

7 years ago

I have a single layer, not exactly insulated greenhouse and wonder would I be able to sustain 3 adult tomato plants(about 6 feet tall in containers) in the middle of my greenhouse(22 feet by 16 feet, 8-10 feet tall) by building another little greenhouse in the middle around the plants?

My area can get frost all the way until early May. tomatoes are generally planted on Memorial day here.

These are very old plants. I'm talking their parents date back a year. They were suckers of suckers lol They've experienced a lot of different weather but have been warm since I took the 3 cuttings last Sept. or something. I just wanted to see how long I could keep one alive). They're very big now. I've topped them several times.

I've changed their location in my house to get them used to cool temps again and natural sun through the window. They had been used to florescent.

Night time temps are in the low-mid 30's right now. Greenhouse tends to achieve a 20 degree rise when the sun shines and dies right down when the clouds come out. Would a double greenhouse get them through the night?

I'm willing to experiment. If they die i'm not going to cry. I've never tried a double greenhouse. By double i do mean a small tightly enclosed structure just around the plants maybe leaving a foot between plant and plastic.

I do have more work to do on the larger greenhouse as storm after storm destroyed it. Can I get away with it? Or am I going to have to wait anyway because they're not used to sunlight and cooler temps?

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