Good price for a used Stihl 036 Pro?

12 years ago


Newbie here. Seems to be a lot of knowledgeable chainsaw users here.

I'm looking at a well-used Stihl 036 Pro w/ a 24" bar. He wants $350. Is this a good price?

I ran it through a few logs, and it seems to run well, but needs a new sprocket. Also drips oil. I took it to a local shop and they said all saws drip a little.

But, the chain is not getting oil, so it could be a simple fix or could be more involved oiler problem.

It also is missing a mounting bolt and a chain catch plate (or something like that). Also probably needs a tuneup.

I heat my house with wood, cut logs anywhere from 6"-24", once in a while bigger. Mixed fir, oak, maple, madrone. Haven't done any falling yet.

Is $350 a fair price, given the shape it's in? Thanks for any advice on this.

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