A few pics of the finished HFGH

13 years ago

Thanks to all on this board who helped me along the way. Shade cloth is on order. I got a 12x16 so it will come down the sides a bit. Heater is working well. I ran gas from the house along with electricity and water. 42 outside today but 65 inside with no sun and cold drizzle. Ordered Mister Landscaper kit from Lowes yet was dssapointed. Heads dont mist they sprinkle? That's what i get for 30.00 I guess. I may keep it to water pots. Seedlings are emerging and Elephant Ears are waking up. I have really enjoyed it so far. I need to build shelves along the walls to put potted plants, stereo, and junk on. Green shelves came from LOwes.... for $5.00 they were going to toss them! Wooden rack came from Walmart. They throw them out when bulbs sale down! Temps get hot fast on sunny days! HOping shade cloth will help. May add intake vent this week per members advice. Thaks for looking and just ask if you have any questions


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