HFGH 10 x 12 questions

13 years ago

It looks like a lot of you here have had some experience with this greenhouse. I am seriously considering purchasing this as an additional green house. I currently have a 12 x 20 gothic arch type poly house that is getting up in years (10 to be exact) and while I intend to continue using it as an unheated greenhouse for early spring growing on, I am considering buying another greenhouse, a little smaller, a little better insulated, that I can heat from mid February to about May 1. A couple questions.

1. Have any of you had experience with other types of greenhouses and if so, how does the HF compare?

2. I'm considering insulating the north wall and possibly the north side of the roof, any suggestions?

3. Is it reasonably easy to ventilate?

4. The terrain on our land is very sloping in areas that receive enough sun for the greenhouse. Does anyone have experience building this greenhouse on a deck-like assembly? If so, how did you deal with the issue of drainage/rot, etc? Also, did you insulate under the greenhouse in some way? Finally, since I will use this greenhouse throughout the summer there will be a lot of water from the misting system, again, any issues with rot to be aware of?

5. Anyone have one of these in a cold climate, and if so, what size heater are you using? It gets down to well below zero during the period I would be heating, and while I don't need a warm house, it needs to stay above 40.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can share.

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