HFGH Solar Powered Greenhouse Fan?

12 years ago

As of today, I am now a member of the HFGH Club! I purchased the 10 x 12 and can't hardly wait to get it built. I've been scouring the forums and there is SO much good information on getting this thing put together properly.

I've been told that for the climate here in Southern Nevada, I need to have a lower intake fan and a misting system in order to not cook the plants.

The site for the greenhouse does not have power, so I thought about the solar powered greenhouse fan from Harbor Freight, but the hubby said it was not powerful enough for the size of the greenhouse.

So my question is does anyone have ideas of where to get a fan that moves enough air for the greenhouse? I do know that it needs to be thermostatically controlled and a louver system so as to not let the chilly night air in.

I appreciate any thoughts you would share!



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  • mudhouse_gw
    12 years ago

    Hello Hilery,
    Congratulations on your greenhouse! I've had mine up since last fall and I'm really enjoying it.

    There have been a few threads here about the HF solar powered fan, and the general feeling is that it is far too small, as your DH says, to be effective. Several folks have posted they estimate it would take four of those HF solar fans to cool the 10x12.

    I don't really think there is a source for a solar-powered fan large enough to move the air you'd need (I hope someone will jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong.) Is running power to your GH (in the future) out of the question?

  • oakhill (zone 9A, Calif.)
    12 years ago

    For a 10X12 greenhouse, you need to provide about 1000 cfm to adequately ventilate. You can subtract the ventilation provided by the passive bottom/top vents to arrive at the figure needed for a solar exhaust fan. The Harbor Freight model that I found provides about 250 cfm, at a cost of $200 plus shipping. This is close to one dollar per cfm. This would provide less than 25% of the needed total ventilation of the greenhouse. Other commercial solar models provide about 2 cfm per dollar. A 1000 cfm costs about $550, 1250 cfm, $650. If you want to look at more reasonably sized vent fans, at more reasonable prices, just search for "solar attic fans".

  • greenhouser
    12 years ago

    Don't forget you'll also need a shade cloth. That should help with keeping it a little cooler.

  • dlhowser_yahoo_com
    9 years ago

    You may also wish to try the 1000 CFM solar fan from Northern Tool Company $299.00 for the HFT 10 X 12 Green House.

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