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Perennials with SciFi names???

April 5, 2007

I'm planning a Science Fiction Garden for next year and am looking for perennials with SciFi characters or movie names. I have 2 plants in mind Hosta 'Captain Kirk' and Louisiana iris 'Princess Leia'. That's all I know of.



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  • ninamarie

    Well, not sure if these will fit, but there is a planet series of Heuchera, from Europe, I think. Among others, there is Heuchera 'Mars, Heuchera 'Venus' and Heuchera 'Saturn.'
    This is more Twilight Zoneish, than Sci Fi, but there is a hosta called 'Elvis Lives.'
    This is challenging.

  • mrsgalihad

    There is a whole series of daylilies that start with Jedi. Just today I found a tree peony called "Companion of Serenity". If that one weren't $70 I would have bought it in a heartbeat. There was also Daedalus and a few others with mythical names but all still very pricy.

  • blackswamp_girl

    There is a pulmonaria that I might have seen at Terranova Nurseries' website called something like "Dark Vader." A play on words instead of a true cultivar name, but it might be a nice addition!

  • galium

    Thanks all-I do have 'Jedi Dot Pierce'. Haven't seen any other Jedi's though. I've posted on the Daylily, Rose and Annual forums. If anyone is interested both the daylily and rose forums have come up with lots of names.

  • donn_

    There must be thousands, especially with SciFi movie ties. Here's a small sample:

    Epicactus epiphyllum 'Jedi' (zone 10)
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Star Wars' (zone 9)
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Space Ship' (zone 9)
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Batman' (zone 9)
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'E.T.' (zone 9)
    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Empire' (zone 9)
    Hemerocallis 'Alien'
    Hemerocallis 'Atlantis'
    Hemerocallis 'Batman'
    Hemerocallis 'Empire'
    Hemerocallis 'Empire Star'
    Hemerocallis 'Firestarter'
    Hemerocallis 'Godzilla'
    Hemerocallis 'Kahn'
    Hemerocallis 'Matrix'
    Hemerocallis 'Ming'
    Hemerocallis 'Skywalker'
    Hemerocallis 'Space Ship'
    Hemerocallis 'Star Wars'
    Hemerocallis 'Yoda'
    Hosta 'Atlantis'
    Hosta 'Godzilla'
    Hosta 'Leviathan'
    Hosta 'Matrix'
    Hosta 'Outer Space'
    Hosta 'Terminator'
    Tomato 'Empire'
    Tomato 'Galaxy'
    Tomato 'Matrix'
    Tomato 'Mingo'
    Tomato 'Superman'
    Tomato 'Vulcan'
    Tomato 'Zena'
    Iris 'Superman'
    Iris 'Batman'
    Iris 'Skywalker'
    Iris 'Matrix'
    Iris 'Ming'
    Iris 'Firestarter'
    Iris 'Godzilla'
    Iris 'Critter'
    Cauliflower 'Skywalker'
    Flowering Crabapple 'Kirk'
    Canna x generalis 'Empire'
    Canna x generalis 'King Kong'
    Canna 'Spiderman'
    Apple 'Empire'
    Strawberry 'Empire'
    Lettuce 'Empire'
    Sweet Corn 'Empire'
    Potato 'Empire'
    Melon 'Alien'
    Floribunda Rose 'Atlantis'
    Hardy Water Lily 'Leviathan'
    Onion 'Predator'
    Asiatic Lily 'Matrix'
    Watermelon 'Matrix'
    Echinopsis 'King Kong'
    Triumph Tulip 'King Kong'

  • bean_counter_z4

    Lilies Stargazer and Starfighter--both beautiful.

  • galium

    WOW donn thanks for the great list. Looks like I'm really going to be able to do this garden.

  • chills71

    There are also some stargate daylilies....ie stargate portal

    I thought about getting the first one (a few years ago, there have since been others added) but I balked at the price.


  • entling

    There are also hostas "Enterprise," a sport of Capt. Kirk, and "Spock's Ears."

  • mwieder

    Viola 'Mars' and the dozens of Spacecoast Hemerocallis come to mind.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Knautia macedonica 'Mars Midget'
    Potentilla atrosanguinea 'Vulcan'

  • cziga

    Isn't there a Sunflower called "Kong", or "King Kong"?

  • ellen_z7ny

    I saw ajuga 'planet zork' in Plant Delights' catalog.

  • hunt4carl

    And let's not forget Rhododendron 'Mars' and'Vulcan's Flame'. . .

  • cailinriley

    Here are some more pretties to consider:

    Iris 'Starship Enterprise' (Tall Bearded)

    Iris 'Dark Vader' (Standard Dwarf Bearded)

    Iris 'Jurassic Park' (Tall Bearded)

    Iris 'Starwoman' (Intermediate Bearded)

    Iris 'Alien Mist' (Tall Bearded)

    Iris 'Battlestar' (Tall Bearded)

    Iris 'Bermuda Triangle' (Border Bearded)

    Can you tell I've been looking at irises, lately?? Have fun with your theme!

  • christinmk z5b eastern WA

    I believe theres also a "Vulcan" Lychnis.

  • galium

    This has been a big help. I'm planning the garden for next year now I have a head start...


  • laurabs

    Hostal Enterprise and Vulcan, which are related to the Captain Kirk.

  • tasymo

    Hey Galium! How's that Sci-fi garden coming along? I wanna see!!!

  • galium

    tasymo-Thanks for asking. I'm still trying to collect plants for the garden. I'll get there eventually.LOL I will certainly post pictures when I do.

  • lmcd

    Coreopis 'Flying Saucers'

  • prairiegirlz5

    Coleus 'Saturn'.

    May The Force be with you.

  • echinaceamaniac

    There is also an Echinacea called Mars and one called Harvest Moon.

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